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DHT and It's Effect on Hair Loss

By: Todd Mumford

Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT is a medical term which describes a by-product of testosterone. This by-product is found in both males and females, however, to a much lesser degree in females. DHT's primary function is to develop primary sex characteristics in males, while still in the embryo and then to later develop secondary sex characteristics during puberty. DHT then continues to play a major role in male sexual functions throughout life.

After forming from testosterone, DHT can be broken down into two 5-alpha reductive isoenzymes, known as Type I and Type II. Both are produced in several parts of the body such as the adrenal glands, the prostate, the skin and scalp. Type I is produced in large quantities by the sebaceous glands. These glands are oil glands found in the skin. Type II is most often produced in the scalp.

DHT is also a major factor in hair loss in men and even women. Androstanedione and DHEA also play a role in hair loss. When the adrenal gland produce an excess of androstanedione or DHEA, and increased conversion to DHT takes place within the organs or hair follicles. This excess can be due to many factors such as overstimulation or possibly a tumor.

The average age where men usually experience hair loss is between 20 and 30, however, may vary greatly from person to person. Initial signs include a receding hairline or gradually thinning hair, usually on the top of the head. In many cases, a U-shape is formed in balding areas, stretching from the sides and back of the head. Any small amounts of hair remaining in this U-shape are more than likely very thin and fine in texture.

Hair typically grows approximately 1cm every month. When hair follicles have been affected by DHT, it becomes decayed, therefore, drastically reducing its growth phase. Each follicle on the scalp become shorter and thinner, eventually stopping any development or growth. Some hair follicles will shrink down in size producing weak, thin hair. Some follicles will cease to develop any hair at all. This, of course, results in baldness.

Family history can usually help determine if hair loss will develop in an individual. If your father, uncles or grandfather suffered from hair loss, unfortunately, other males within the family will as well.

About the Author: Todd Mumford writes for Revivogen, offering hair loss information and technological advances in thinning hair. Visit http://www.revivogen.com today.

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